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Childrens party games

Miami Catering Services We can start with the classic game "Where is the wolf?". This distraction is about making a round singing "Let's play in the forest while the wolf is not here, wolf, wolf, what are you doing?", Which is answered by another friend who is not in the round, he says "I will eat you", which makes the other children run far away from him.

Another type of childrens party games is "Statue". The music is played for children to dance together. An adult stops the music minutes later, which is a warning that they must stay still as a stone. The one who moves will be excluded from the activity and this game continue until only one child stay in the activity, who will be the winner.

Also, the game of musical chairs is entertaining. You have to place a group of chairs in a circle and they should be one less than the number of participants. Then they should walk around then accompanied by the rhythm of music. Once the music gets stopped, they must sit; the one who is still stand will be excluded along with a chair. The game will continue like that until only one child stay in the activity, who will be the winner

There are other games for children such as "Candy with pita", "The shoe behind," "Sitting on balloons", to mention a few of them. However, it is possible that fpr any reasons you do not have enough time to organize a similar show, which can be solved by calling a company specializing in this type of events.