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Miami guide

Miami Catering Services Miami Event Planner guide is aimed to give you a hand on requiring your service. We provide you interesting and entertaining articles related to Miami and surrounding areas.

Recent articles

Bachelor party
Bachelor party. There are different ways to celebrate special events related to weddings in the city of Miami. Those are more than interesting events where the coming husband and wife enjoy the best of their singleness for the last time. One of these events is called the bachelor party.

Van rental
Van rental. Is you special event coming and you haven't request the perfect transportation for your guests yet? Don't worry about it anymore, we offer to our clients the executive van rental service in all South Florida, with ample experience in the driving around different places in Miami, ...

Cocktails for corporate events
Cocktails for corporate events. When corporate activities end up, it is suggested to offer special drinks to the guests. As a result, they will keep in their minds a good image of the hosts because of these little details. In this way, the cocktails for corporate events are a good alternative...

Brand launch
Brand launch. Are you about to present a new product or service in Miami but you do not know how? The brand launch is an event that requires special attention in every single detail since the phrase "first impression" gains importance.

Wedding beverages
Wedding beverages. A detail you should not miss in your wedding is the group of drinks that you will share with your guests. It has been said that part of your image depends on the wedding beverages you choose.

Organizing sports conferences
Organizing sports conferences. The city of Miami is home of a great number of activities of different fields by taking advantage of its tropical climate in summers and good weather in the other seasons. Some of the most celebrated events are the sports conferences ...

Organizing a gastronomic fair
Organizing a gastronomic fair. The city of Miami has a great variety of gastronomy, getting started with the exotic Thai food, then the delicious Peruvian food, and them the French food among the three principals. This fact has caused the organizing of at least a gastronomic fair per week, an event that is not easy to be hold.

Sweet sixteen invitations
Sweet sixteen invitations. One of the best memorable moments in a woman's life is her sweet sixteen day. It is a special event where her friends and family join in order to spend enjoyable and excitement moments. You should carefully evaluate every single detail keeping in mind the number of attenders. Here is where the sweet sixteen invitations take on vital importance.

Forum organization
Forum organization. The forum organizationis the opportunity to several groups of people to interchange ideas about today topics. The way is done is more open where the people can participate anytime. Unlike other types of event, this amenity makes it special and it requires to be managed well for the following reasons:

Both in Miami
Both in Miami as in the other American cities, there will be more than one held Halloween party this coming October 31st. Although this party is one of the principal celebrations in the United States, it has been seen just few new ways to celebrate it these last years.

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