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Miami guide

Miami Catering Services Miami Event Planner guide is aimed to give you a hand on requiring your service. We provide you interesting and entertaining articles related to Miami and surrounding areas.

Recent articles

Italian food for catering:
Italian food for catering: Miami city is a melting pot of different cultures. You can taste dishes from different countries in its restaurants. For example, italian food, which its flavor and aroma have made it be part of the favorite catering services, that are requested by families and business events.

Children's parties:
Children's parties: Miami is one of the favorite places to throw great parties with lots of fun. And children's parties are not the exception. Here you are some tips to arrange your child's birthday.

Childrens party games
Childrens party games: We can start with the classic game "Where is the wolf?". This distraction is about making a round singing "Let's play in the forest while the wolf is not here, wolf, wolf, what are you doing?", Which is answered by another friend who is not in the round, he says "I will eat you", which makes the other children run far away from him.

Wedding decorations
Wedding decorations: If you are planning to get married and you do not know where to start, then it is recommendable to focus on the impression your event will cause on your guests. Miami wedding decorations represent a challenge if you think about the pomposity exhibited in any kind of events held in the city.

Types of group dynamics
Types of group dynamics: There several types of group dynamics nowadays. On the business field, there are some which the principal purpose is to maintain or increase the staff productivity and help the communication between themselves.

Medical conferences
Medical conferences Thousands of events are celebrated in the city of Miami every day, specially those whose purposes are bringing information about science and health. For those purposes, medical conferences take place, providing value information to people, ...

Speech for conference
Speech for conference In the event you face the media and dozens of questions about a particular case, it is recommended that you have a speech for conference on hand to succeed.

Bartending service
Bartending service The city of Miami is well-known by bringing glamour, elegance, and so much entertainment to people who visit it every day.

Lunch for Labour Day
Lunch for Labour Day Labour Day is a special holiday for companies. All their members as operators, supervisors, assistants, and even CEO's make a stop on their activities and think about the importance of those ones. This can be a reason for supervisors to offer a friendly lunchto workers that day.

Wedding favors
Wedding favors Do you want to impress your guests in your wedding day? This is one of our wishes when planning our wedding. A ceremony should symbolize the true love between us and our partner. A good way to transmit our compromise and love to our guests is through our wedding favors.

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