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Organize First Holy Communion

Miami Catering Services Miami is one of the most catholic cities in the world due to its big Latin American population. That’s why various traditions related to Catholicism are celebrated every year. One of them is the ceremony of First Holy Communion, an eternal moment where the person receives the sacrament of the Eucharist.

First Holy Communion in house or local

Generally, these events are held in two ways in Miami, in group or individually. In the event your son, nephew, godson, or any other relative is getting it, it is recommendable to ask event planners in Miami to be responsible for the custom and accessories to be used in the ceremony.

We also calculate the number of guests who will attend to the reception. This is fundamental because in the case the reception is at home, so you will choose the first floor, the terrace or any other area with ample space, details that could be noticed if you opt for a special venue.

Catering service and First Communion cards

The food served in the ceremony of First Holy Communion should not be a problem if you follow this piece of advice: when you hand out the invitations, ask the guests about the food and drinks they would like to have on the event.

The gifts are equally important than the reception and delicacies served to the public. Create a good impression on your guests by bringing small details that remain them your event. Be inspired in the creation as children's drawings or nature related topics. They are very useful and create a great impact in people.