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Salads for events

Miami Catering Services Do you want to make a good impression on your guests in your event? Conquer their palates with delicious salads for events where combinations of vegetables and even fruits are some of the best letters of presentation for most of the ceremonies in the city of Miami.

Cabbage salads with apples for events

This delicious plate comes from Asia and it is composed by both ingredients along with mint, where it is also added the lemon juice, fish sauce, and rice vinegar. Peach and Tomato salads for events

It is one of the most demanded in Miami. The tomato is cut in circular shapes and the fruit in little quadratic shapes. Then they are mixed with olive oil and apple vinegar. It can also be accompanied with salt and pepper.

Mango chicken salad for events

This salad comes from Thailand; it also is accompanied with honey, olive oil, lemon juice, and a touch of ginger that make a unique flavor by being combined.
There are other types of appetizers for your guests. Think about the one that best meets you needs. With can give you a hand with our catering service with professionals Miami event planners.