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Sushi catering in Miami

sushi catering in miami Japanese food is one of the most varied dished in the world, and it is one of the most demanded in Miami. The popularity and the exquisiteness of this type of food made it to be part of corporate and special events, thus how sushi catering comes up.

One of the reasons of its success is the originality in the presentation of these plates. You can find that in the typical Nigiri Sushi and its rice balls filled with the traditional wasabi and other ingredient nipon.

Another delicious dish served in a sushi catering service is the Maki Sushi, which is cooked with raw fish, seafood, and vegetables covered by rice presented in beautiful Japanese style plates.

You can also offer to your guests the well-known Oshi Sushi, a delicious rice block pressed in a mold, the famous shells in the Temaki Sushi, or rice that accompanies fish rolls and condiments in the Uramaki Sushi, among others.

In the event you are planning serving sushi catering in your Miami event planners give a hand with our catering service and just focus on inviting your guests.