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Types of wedding cakes

Types of wedding cakes Is it just few days for your wedding celebration and you still haven't planned the perfect wedding cake? It is natural that a wedding planning lasts more than expected and that may be a reason why you haven't checked the types of weeding cakes yet. However, here we share you some tips to help you manage the situation.

If you want a spring style marriage, so the cake could be decorated with rose-shaped candies, or also in shape of tulips, lilies, daisies or other flowers. Take a look at the calendar and see whether the ceremony is hold just in the appropriate season to follow this tip.

You can also decorate your wedding cake with petal-shaped candies. For most of wedding planners, these ways of cakes presentations add a touch of romanticism to the celebration, apart from the less time of preparation taken by the cookers.

Another tip is to request a multistory cake, and the classic wedding cake toppers on the top. However, there are couples that prefer to place a little house with birds shaped dolls on the top of the wedding cake.

On the other side, light green or mint colors are being the favorites for people's marriages in Miami, although the traditional white color is still taking the first option for many people in this city.