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Types of weeding banquets

Miami Catering Services Getting marriage means that you should carefully evaluate every single detail to win praise from guests. One of them is the type of wedding banquets, and their performance through exuberant trays with full exquisite delicacies and beverages for every taste. However, the question is what kind of food can I offer to my people? The possible best answer you can find it in this article where you will see the best proposals in terms of cuisine from Europe, Latin America and the United States, all of them well-received in Miami.

Italian food for weeding banquets

The different presentations of lasagna, chrysins, petipanes with special fillings, garlic bread, and mini pizza, are all made for the event. It is a good alternative to celebrate your special wedding day. The exquisite flavor of these dishes from the Mediterranean country is one of the favorites for residents and visitors in Miami.

Mexican food for wedding banquets

The fajillas, those gastronomic hybrids of grilled meat and peppers enrolled with omelet, quesadillas or beans with chili and oil, among other dishes, are other aspects to consider among the types of wedding banquets. Also, plates like salsa de nachos, and others take place in this kind of ceremony.

Peruvian food for wedding banquets

The called Land of the Incas is also is home to exquisite delicacies as arroz con pollo, aji de gallina, escabeche de pollo, olluquito, lomo saltado, to name just a few, preceded by conchas con queso derretido, causa rellena, palta rellena, rocotos a la arequipeña, among others. Those dishes have won praise from South Florida inhabits, who are famous for their discerning palates.

These gastronomic delicacies and others are prepared by our profesional team of event planners in Miami. We have extensive experience in event planning. Contact us at the number above and obtain the service according to your needs.