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Wedding beverages

Miami Catering Services A detail you should not miss in your wedding is the group of drinks that you will share with your guests. It has been said that part of your image depends on the wedding beverages you choose.

For the wedding reception, we recommend a bottle of sparkling champagne. This is one of the most useful options in this kind of event due to its low level of alcohol. However, a glass of Pisco Sour is another good alternative.

After a couple of hours talking with friend, it is about to start the traditional dancing. So before it, you can dedicate a toast with dried or semi dried red wine. Among the weeding beverages, this last one has greater acceptance among the majority.

Among the liquors shared in the wedding ceremony, you can offer beers, cocktails, and some sodas, since you know that children may assist to the wedding. It is advisable to count with professional bar services for better assistance.