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Wedding favors

Miami Catering Services Do you want to impress your guests in your wedding day? This is one of our wishes when planning our wedding. A ceremony should symbolize the true love between us and our partner. A good way to transmit our compromise and love to our guests is through our wedding favors.

You can find those beautiful accessories in different sizes, models, and prices. The ones most used are the fans, aromatic little bags and cards, perfumed soaps, ceramic dolls, pens, candles with sea shells forms, among others.

Did you think that the traditional wedding paper bags are past? These are still one of the most requested wedding favors on wedding celebrations. Same for wedding ornaments with abstract figures.

If your wedding day is coming soon and need some assistance on planning, let us give you a hand on it. We understand how special and important our wedding day is for us. We do our best to make this day memorable for everyone.